Book Review : The Jester of Nottingham (The Saladin Series Book 4) by Koos Verkaik

First of all a huge thanks to the author for providing me with a copy of the book and allowing me to be part of this wonderful series of Saladin. This being the fourth book in the series, has truly taken an interesting turn.

The Jester of Nottingham Official Synopsis

Prince John reigns over England now that his brother Richard Lionheart is not there. He exploits the people and wears Richard’s crown. Everyone fears this mean prince except for men like Robin Hood and girls like Angie!Angie roams the country on the back of her wonder horse Silver and comes across the most odd persons. She runs into knight Rush and his little son Arthur; she meets a merry rat catcher and finally returns to the camp of Robin Hood.Prince John then organizes an election. The man who becomes the Jester of Nottingham is allowed to reign the country for one week.The Prince does not know that King Richard has set foot on English ground again! Angie knows where she can find the king and the king uses her help and her wonder horses to retake control of the kingdom.

The Jester of Nottingham RWAT Take

I love the characters and they way they are enhanced throughout the series. Each character seems to be such an integral part of the story rather than being created for the purpose of the events. That in itself is an amazing way to keep the flow of the book in its pristine form.

I have followed the serious religiously and have been thoroughly impressed with the way the story moved throughout the series. I like the way how the author reign in the best of plot twists so as to keep the readers hooked to the plot. i loved the language and the technique used for story telling. The book was smooth flowing, easy to absorb and engaging too . I have been a fan of the series and this just adds as another amazing addition to Saladin series


As always i am in awe of the author’s writing skill and his art of story telling. I loved the series and can’t wait to be able to enjoy more from the series. The book is quick, light fun and entertaining

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