Book Review : The Clockmaker by Paromita Goswami

The Clockmaker was definitely a unique story line and completely different from what i had expected it to be. I have read the author’s work before and compared to those, the clockmaker was a unique theme and approach. I have seen the amount of strength and work she weaves around the emotional stabilities and vulnerabilities of her characters and previous books that i have read of the author was a prime example of that. Her books attempted to tell the stories from an emotional angle rather than just narration of events in the book. This book do follow the same pattern about taking a story on its character’s emotional strength but much more than that, this time the book completely took me by surprise by the theme of the book. It was definitely not what i had expected

The Clockmaker Official Synopsis

Can you change destiny? What if you can?

Ashish, a passionate clockmaker is frustrated with his life – financial insecurity, his ongoing nightmares and his family, wife Lata and son Vicky, are driving him crazy.

Lata is having a tough time in life with her arch-rival, Rashmi. Vicky wants to be a biker than rather join the family legacy of the clockmaker. He also has a crush on Kavya who is more interested in supporting her family than romancing around.

Lately, Ashish starts hallucinating things. The black hooded man, who traumatizes him in the nightmares, warns him of dire consequences if he doesn’t return the timepiece that was given to Ashish by his father at his deathbed. Burdened with despair, Ashish wishes he could change his destiny and end all his miseries. By sheer chance, he discovers the power of the timepiece. Ashish was still figuring out what to do with it when an incident shatters his life completely. Without second thoughts he uses the power of the timepiece to change his destiny. But, can he really change it?

Amid the chaos of the busy by-lanes of the East Delhi unfolds a paranormal, supernatural, Indian drama that will leave you thrilled.

The Jungle Series – Get ready to be assaulted!

The Clockmaker RWAT Take

I loved how the author opened the book with a very captivating scene as it definitely set a tone for the book. It worked two ways. One to promise what the book had to offer and the other to grab the readers. To be honest, if the book had not started the way it did, i might have had a different opinion and not a pleasant one at that. There is a reason for that because after that surprising opening chapter the book kind of takes a sudden dip. Perhaps it was so that the events can slowly catch fire and leading to the inferno it is.

One of the major factor about the book that is unique as well a bit challenging is the fact that the story is narrated in episodical form. It almost feels like scene by scene rendition of the story. This is an interesting technique but demands the readers to be patient to get used to this technique of Scene.cut. Scene. It did bother me at first as to how one scene wasn’t transitioning to another scene seamlessly but gradually i started seeing the fun of author’s narration technique. Perhaps the reason that the events escalates after a certain point adds to the fun and easing the readers to the book


In conclusion i would say that the author has managed to narrate a pretty unique story and one that has a massive lesson behind it. My piece of advise is to wait till the second half when the book completely changes its nature and things just takes you to a new high in the story and by the end it completely turns out to be an engaging stream of events after events. The narration technique is a challenge but once you get used to it will be a fun way to read and engage.


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