Book review: That’s a Heart-Handle with care by Priyanka Bansal

First of all a huge thanks to the author for pointing out the book and her amazing work towards me. I loved the book for its ability to compile multiple romance stories into one and do so in a very effective and impressive manner

That’s a Heart Official Synopsis

This book belongs to anyone and everyone who once craved for love or is in love. In the form of stories,a short message is here for you all not to take too much time to express your heart. Be it about the story of young couple Dhruv and Rinni or about the old couple of Jyoti and her husband, you would find each story is of the next door person who is trying to find and stay in love amidst life chaos. I guess this would be the first book where you won’t find any descriptions of khol eyes or denim jeans with short top!Love demands practicality. It requires vision and visionaries on both its sides. You need to choose men over boys, women over girls.You need to realize a person who fails to bring flowers on Valentine’s Day but takes care of groceries each day is worth being with. A girl who doesn’t demand any gifts but asks to save is the one to be with.

That’s a Heart RWAT Take

One of the things that impressed me about the book is that how in a short span it was able to wrap up stories that usually form the basis of an entire romance book.

That’s a heart is a compilation of some of the most heartfelt romantic stories but told in a simple, quick and easy to absorb narration

The book is for anybody who is looking for effective and quick reading and yet to want to be part of something fun, warm and absolutely efficient in pulling all the right kind of emotions 


The narration, language and the flow of the book makes it a worth while pick. It is quick and doesn’t demand much of your time. That is the reason why it is perfect.

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