Book Review : Terracotta Dreams by Monalisa Joshi

What a name for a wonderful book. A huge thanks to the author for sharing in her work of art with me . Yes that’s what the book was for me . A work of art that was created with words. And what a mighty magical world she has created in the book, Terracotta Dreams

Terracotta DreamsTerracotta Dreams by Monalisa Joshi – Official Synopsis

Her heart is the vessel overflowing with myriad hues of emotions like glee, melancholy, nostalgia, reminiscences, fantasy and most of all with love. This poetry book has been written in an intriguing and captivating way which after reading will make you fall in love with the poems as well as with the poet. The great imagery, vivid narration and her fluid imagination will take you to the world of ballads, folklore and into another realm of fantasy and romance. The love poems particularly will touch your heart and you will find the words resonating and soul stirring both. The uniqueness of the book is one place you find the poet poignant and in the next moment her pious and defiant love towards her beloved can be seen. The mundane, the contemporary and the classic all the elements are merged like beads in a necklace within this book seeming to be completely inseparable from each other. The verses and the musings contained in it would certainly echo longer inside your soul even after you have finished reading the book. The book is an alluring summon for all, to come and fall in love with poetry. Her sermon to you… Thy love is the refuge I want, Thy romance is the sanctuary I need, Thy heart is the place I want to call, Home and thy glance make me more, Beautiful and I ever desire to stay within, Your breaths for as long as they shall flow, My presence shall be known as thy muse
~ Monalisa’s Musings ~

Terracotta Dreams by Monalisa Joshi – RWAT Take

When I was going through the first poem i nearly screamed to myself that this was not going to be an easy read and that I am going to be in here for a long time and really it took me couple of days to finish the book. One might say why should someone take such a long time with a short book of poem. Oh boy !! Wait till you read this one.

This book is like an onion . Yes you heard me. Onion !! The layers just keep peeling off and off . I realised this after reading the first poem. I went back and read it thrice to see deeper meaning and symbolism and every time I read it, i found something new. Each poem is a glance at womanhood from different perspective and some of the poems gave me goosebumps while others just hit a deeper nerve. 

Let me tell you that the poems are not easy and need extreme concentration and a devoted time to read and understand, the word play is massive and amazing. I truly felt the joy of being able to explore such beauty and unwrapping layers after layers in the poetess’ work of art. 


If you love your literature and language or if you love your poem then try this book.. I am warning you that it wouldn’t be an easy read as the language is really tough but at the same time it is also the reason why you should pick this one up .

I do not know about all you grammar hunters or poet critics but I go for plain entertainment and joy of reading and I got that with this book. So for me the book was a celebration of literature in its most versatile form and a powerful play of words that could tug at all the strings of your hearts


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