TV Review : Strong Girl Bong soon (Korean Drama)

I am in love with this drama, Strong Girl Bong soon, for making me laugh so hard and giving me such a good time. Yes it has romance to its plot but then which korean drama doesn’t have romance in it but there is an actual thriller sub plot going along Continue Reading

TV Review : What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim

This drama perfectly represents everything that is common to almost 80% of korean dramas out there. Romance especially candy romance at its epitome and mixed with comedy. So yes What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim is yet another romantic comedy drama with all the elements that follow like a template for every other korean rom-com dramas

TV Review : W – Two Worlds Apart

This drama nearly caught me in a maze because by the time the series reaches its crux, the plot is travelling to areas that is nothing less to a jumbled maze. As much as it may scare you for the series, the fact is that the series is quite different from all the mushy romances of Korean dramas. Read on our take of the korean drama

TV Review : The Bride of Habaek /Water God

Korean dramas are usually marinated in romance. In my watching experience even the thrillers are all well mashed with romance. The Bride of Habaek /Water God is an out and out romance drama that is well cooked in the romance flavour. What it offers additional is the element of fantasy, Continue Reading