Book Review: Slingshot by Mercedes Helnwein

Just like the title, it was a slingshot that hit once and bounced off. What was this book all about? Relationship? Love? Teenage angst? coming of age story? motivational? I have serious doubts about the book justifying any of these categories because in my opinion it never sticks. The book contradicts itself at every turn. It seems I have suddenly struck bad luck with books because these books seriously make me mad with anger.

Slingshot Official Synopsis

An exciting debut contemporary young adult novel perfect for fans of Rainbow Rowell and Mary H. K. Choi 

Grace Welles had resigned herself to the particular loneliness of being fifteen and stuck at a third-tier boarding school in the swamps of Florida, when she accidentally saves the new kid in her class from being beat up. With a single aim of a slingshot, the monotonous mathematics of her life are obliterated forever…because now there is this boy she never asked for. Wade Scholfield.

With Wade, Grace discovers a new way to exist. School rules are optional, life is bizarrely perfect, and conversations about wormholes can lead to make-out sessions that disrupt any logical stream of thoughts. 

So why does Grace crush Wade’s heart into a million tiny pieces? And what are her options when she finally realizes that 1. The universe doesn’t revolve around her, and 2. Wade has been hiding a dark secret. Is Grace the only person unhinged enough to save him?

Acidly funny and compulsively readable, Mercedes Helnwein’s debut novel Slingshot is a story about two people finding each other and then screwing it all up. See also: soulmate, friendship, stupidity, sex, bad poetry, and all the indignities of being in love for the first time.

Slingshot RWAT Take

I am going to right away apologise beforehand to the author for being so rude in my review and outright being insensitive about her book. She has skills with wit but this book couldn’t justify her craft. So here is where I could advise the author or any body who absolutely adored the book to step back because things are going to get ugly from here on

Let us start with what irked me about the book. The Central character. Man !! Could any character be more annoying than this one? My head is twice its size after reading this book. Why? because I was continuously bashing my head against a wall and then my brain too started erupting out of frustration from the things the character did and said… Speaking of said… That’s another thing I hated about the book.

Almost 80% of the book is just talk, talk and more talk. It would have been so much fun if these talks had some actual sense. If what was being said could be a life-changing epiphany BUT NO !! blabbering on and on about stuff that doesn’t make sense is a good way to write a book about teen. why? because Teens are stupid… right? ….See my issue here. It was not fun stretching out stupid logics over page after page without making any sense.

The book is lengthier than the whole world history combined. Alteast history books have some solid content, this one is nowhere close. This book is more like somebody’s personal diary wherein they pour out their confusions, angst, dilemmas, imaginations, thoughts that pop up when you are high or enjoying that Special brownie…. in short …things that in the long scheme won’t even make sense.

You can’t dedicate almost an entire chapter explaining how your Parents are bad and then when they make an appearance they are the sweetest and probably the adoring types completely brain squeezing into a puddle.

If I start pointing out stuff, then this review will run longer than the book and may even start sounding like Hannibal Lector threatening from his prison cell. So let’s jump into what I liked about the book

The cover. Yes, that’s the only thing I liked in the whole book.


In conclusion, I am more angry than disappointed in the book. Reason being that the book is unnecessarily long with ramblings, inner monologues and whining. There is no attention to actual events. The story development arc is all over the place. All of a sudden the central character is bully from being an outcast. Then she is mysterious beauty out of the blue and then she is a weird insensitive maniac. You need to get a grip over how exactly the central character should appear rather than making them appear to have multiple personality disorder. It takes out all the fun when you can’t relate or even understand the central character and that is why I couldn’t cope with the book. Add to the dilemma, the unnecessary length, irrelevant back data and a snail pace narration. The nails in the coffin are all set with these ingredients.

Fair warning: Maybe this could be me so I wouldn’t say that you shouldn’t try the book. Give it a try maybe you could see what I couldn’t see in the central character?

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