Silver and the Ghost Horse by Koos Verkaik

The author is back with a bang with his new book Silver and the Ghost Horse , the addition to the Saladin series by the author. Its amazing as to how the series keeps morphing itself into a substantial and relevant read with each of its series component. I have been a keen follower of the series and an ardent fan of the author’s book ever since i read the The Nibelung Gold by him.

Silver and the Ghost Horse Official Synopsis

In Silver and the Ghost Horse, Book 3 of Saladin series, Angie and her wonder horse Silver plunge into another dangerous adventure when a sly counselor and a giant soldier decide to destroy the camp of Robin Hood. The giant soldier, Buck Bains, and the counselor work with the evil Prince John to create a super army to find Angie, force her to bring them to the camp to arrest Robin Hood, and bring Angie and the two wonder horses, Saladin and Silver to the Prince. When Angie and her friend, Joe and his pet bear, Bruto, go to Nottingham to confront Buck Bains, she and her friends are surrounded by the prince’s soldiers with no escape. Then suddenly a magical man called the Sultan and his strange band of men appear and rescue Angie and her friends or so it appears. The Sultan holds Joe and his bear hostage and gives Angie an unpleasant ultimatum that leads to a surprising, unthinkable turn of events that will keep you turning pages until very end

Silver and the Ghost Horse RWAT Take

A huge thanks to the author for providing me with the copy of the book and allowing me to be part of the series and Saladin the wonder horse.  Silver and Ghost Horse just takes the whole level of the book into a completely different zone by the new addition to the series

Silver and the Ghost Horse has kept impact everything that was offered and promised to its readers from its prequels. The characters are still lively, strong and morphed into such amazing characters that it is a complete delight to be able to join them on their journey and their little journeys

i have been impressed by the fact that these series are much more than just a kids read. It resonates and reflects much advanced and brighter things that is well applicable and suitable for readers of any genre and age. For me i have always left that the book always have managed to carry subtle yet elegant messages in itself which makes these reads even more valuable and fun to read

The language quality and its smoothness is amazing because it just adds to the value of the whole book and the reading experience. The story flow is quite velvety and the plot lines add to the drama and mystique of the book and one that is worth turning pages and keep reading


Its a great book for both kids and adults in my opinion as everyone has something to look forward in these books. With its language and narration, and most importantly the story telling this book has emerged as a good example for a quick yet powerful read.

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Saladin and Silver


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  1. Thank you, Rouge for the review. We are very excited to publish the Saladin series. Koos is one of our premiere authors and we look forward to bringing more of his imagination to the world in print and electronic formats.
    Best regards,
    Anthony S . Policastro
    Publisher and CEO
    Outer Banks Publishing Group

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