Book Review: Shy by Noelle Marie (Once Bitten, Twice Shy #2)

Remember how i told that i was completely in love with the first book, Guess what. I hate the second book. The second book nearly took me to a delirious stage because i was that angry and red in face. There is no doubt that this series is yet another ambitious twilight project except that instead of vampires this one has werewolves. But let us be honest. Damsel in Distress and Alpha male is passé  and not cute anymore


Shy by Noelle Marie- Official Synopsis


If Katherine thought that her life would get any easier in the months following her realization that Bastian was her mate, she was wrong. But dealing with the man’s hot and cold behavior – it was like he had two times of the month – and surviving the Recruiting Rites were pieces of cake compared to the fierce emotional storm that envelops her when a secret – a lie – is revealed that turns everything Katherine thought she knew on its head.

Once betrayed, it’s hard to bring herself to trust again.

Once bitten, it’s hard not to be shy.


Shy by Noelle Marie- RWAT Take


One of the reasons that i had loved the first book is because the romance was just a part of the main plot and there was more to it than just the “i love yous” . Come to second book and it is a complete feminist nightmare. The first book also had these elements but atleast in short and bearable amount. In fact i had even mentioned in the review that one has to leave all the ideologies and principles outside to enjoy the book but second book almost makes it impossible to do that


The book does score in the fact that the transition between first book to second book is smooth. It doesn’t open randomly at a completely different scene and then filling in on what happened between the end of the first book and the beginning of the second book. It is almost like the book didn’t stop and has been continuing. I had loved this about the book but as the story started developing, i saw that the book was going through all the cliche plot and sort of being painfully predictable.


First book had so much interesting plot points but second book had nothing unique to offer except for the cliche rantings and fights of teenage romance which is borderline childish and even a major eye roller. The physical relationship was so cringing that i wanted to tore apart someone into pieces.


The narration is no doubt smooth and easily accommodating but it is the plot that is a major disappointment because not only it has the cliche stuff but almost makes you irate with nothing imaginative to offer. Seriously How long are you going to stretch the whole damsel in distress thing? Haven’t you got tired already?


The book has nothing to offer except pushing the heroine into situations that needs rescuing and then our alpha male coming to rescue…. Seriously !!!! Oh and that reminds me of Alpha male in question. If it was upto me i would have locked this guy in an asylum because someone as volatile and stickler as he is needs to be wrapped in a straightjacket and locked away.


The second book should be approached only if you love the whole alpha male coming to the rescue of our damsel in distress over and over again and you can bear with the idea of 17yr olds getting married …i am OUT !!!


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