Book Review : Saladin and Silver: Book 2 of the Saladin Series by Koos Verkaik

Saladin and Silver

First of all a huge thanks to the author for providing me with the book, Saladin and Silver , The second book in the Saladin series. Also thank you for allowing me to experience such an amazing series. Saladin and Silver is like 8th or 9th book from author’s work that I am reading. That in itself has to mean something right ? Of course it does and this particular book is the follow up on the already exciting series that I had reviewed back last year.

Saladin and SilverSaladin and Silver – Official Synopsis

Turbulent times in England, where Prince John temporary sits on the throne of his brother, Richard the Lionheart. This prince, so turned out soon, was rather busy to enrich himself than reign over his land in an honest way. King Richard the Lionheart joins the crusade and Prince John, who can count on the support of Norman knights, is out on money and power and imposes the highest taxes.
Angie, a poor Saxon girl, gets involved in all these events when she tries to keep Silver, her favorite horse, out of the hands of the prince. Whilst on the run, she meets a mysterious knight who grants her his horse. It is Saladin, a black stallion from a faraway, unknown country. This wonder horse teaches all his tricks to the beautiful young stallion Silver.
And this way Silver comes to be a wonder horse as well – thanks to the great Saladin who later will be the horse of no one less than Robin Hood.
Robin Hood, who lives in the forests of Sherwood with his brave men, fights against the terror of the prince and has remained faithful to the king. And he knows he can count on Angie and Silver!
The girl has brought the anger of Prince John on herself by taking Silver along with her and win a race with the mighty Saladin that should have been won by Norman knights…

Saladin and Silver – RWAT Take

Saladin and Silver

The Saladin series had started with a bang and it still is a delight just as the first book. In the second book the new characters are add almost effortlessly and seamlessly. The charm is double fold as not only does the new series come up with an even more exciting story plot but the characters are absolute delight. The book scores in its narration and close portrayal of each events and characters. These books are perfect for both younger and older generation. That is a brilliant achievement from the author to be able to rope in both kinds of audience.

The language and the flow of the book is smooth and eases the reader into the book quite artfully and brilliantly. Its the perfect book to help you relax, experience a bit of adventure and to embark on the perfect book journey. 


I absolutely loved everything about the book and can’t wait to read and see from the series. Its a perfect companion that will take you to an amazing book land and helping you relax and entertain at the same time. I have always been amazed by the narration skill of the author and this just adds to why i love reading almost all of his books

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