Book Review: Out by Natsuo Kirino, Stephen Snyder (Translator)

I guess out is one of such books that you can’t really explain but perhaps need to experience. You have to read the book to go through all the chills and thrills and the weird unforeseen twists that is waiting to blow your mind. It is a book that creeps you, enthral you and keeping you hooked to it till the end

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Natsuo Kirino’s novel tells a story of random violence in the staid Tokyo suburbs, as a young mother who works a night shift making boxed lunches brutally strangles her deadbeat husband and then seeks the help of her co-workers to dispose of the body and cover up her crime.

The ringleader of this cover-up, Masako Katori, emerges as the emotional heart of Out and as one of the shrewdest, most clear-eyed creations in recent fiction. Masako’s own search for a way out of the straitjacket of a dead-end life leads her, too, to take drastic action.

The complex yet riveting narrative seamlessly combines a convincing glimpse into the grimy world of Japan’s yakuza with a brilliant portrayal of the psychology of a violent crime and the ensuing game of cat-and-mouse between seasoned detectives and a group of determined but inexperienced criminals. Kirino has mastered a Thelma and Louise kind of graveyard humor that illuminates her stunning evocation of the pressures and prejudices that drive women to extreme deeds and the friendship that bolsters them in the aftermath.


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The book, for the half of its portion, made me wanted me to take a shower with fire but at the same time wanted me to run to the author, present her a bouquet of flower for weaving such complexities. Its weird and good at the same time. One of the things that you would notice in the book is the level of depth that it has to it. I remember mentioning in the review of “into the deep” as to how overload of the information nearly killed it for me but the same thing is a blessing for this book. Yes there are so many character, to the extent of tertiary and fourth level and each of them having their share of background but in a very weird manner, these amplify the basic plot and find themselves as a necessary evil. Yes i did hate these excessive informations that i had to keep storing but in the end it turned out to be the things that make you more immersive in the plot

The book has a horde of characters but they are all well placed and that me is creative. I thought the plot twists and turns were genius and a bit tough to sit through nevertheless. It is definitely for a very mature audience and those able to digest a bit graphical content too. But its pure magic to see how deep each of these characters have been cooked making them so life like.

The book inspite of everything can be a bit exhaustive with its volume and the deeper webs of plot threads. You cannot expect the book to be an easy read or a quick one at that. It hits hard and demands a great part of your time and brain to understand the nuisances


To understand how a true thriller works, especially a noir one, then you need to read a Japanese thriller once. what better book than this one, if you are looking to start one right now.  With so much happening, the book would leave gasping for air

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