Book Review: Our Story of Love by Keshav Aneel

Admittedly, i am too close to the book, Our Story of Love, to be a fair reviewer. So let that be a fair warning before you indulge into this review and starts pointing fingers at me 😛 . just like the previous two books, the author has brought yet another powerful story. The beauty of his work is the strong emotional depictions in his stories. The tangible feel to them and how it almost feels as if it is happening to us and around us. I love how each emotions is brought out, polished to the core and throughly used to make the readers reap its full strength.

Our Story of Love Official Synopsis

You don’t find true love. You build it.

Paarth has just turned 18, and instead of celebrating, he is driving his father’s taxi to make ends meet. When he picks up Upasna from the Delhi airport, little did he know that their drive to Chandigarh will be so adventurous!

Upasna is studying Automobile Engineering in Germany, and has come back home for a short holiday. When she stumbles upon a little secret about Paarth, she is in awe of him, and love inevitably happens. However, not only their social status, but the long distance between them is also a problem.

Her undying faith in Paarth makes him challenge his destiny to prove his worth to her father, and more to himself. As he sets on a path to reinvent his identity, his friend Kartik stands by him to see him through.
In a world where relationships are based on give and take, how their love eventually breaks stereotypes, builds a way and sets an example, is the mesmerizing – Our Story of Love.

Our Story of Love Rwat Take

Our story of love, as beautiful as its title, is a tale of a beautiful love story that unravels the emotional turbulences that comes with love and the eventual survival through heartbreaks and struggles. The story moves in a very smooth pace that even before you know, you would have finished the book and that too in one sitting

I loved the flow of the language and the narration technique that the book exhibits adds to the charm of the book and the whole reading experience. The author has once again proved his magic with words and ability to weave magical yet such raw emotional journeys with such panache

watch out for the author as i am eagerly looking forward to his next project

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