Nicolaes Nimbus: High Tech Science vs. Ancient Magic by Koos Verkaik

Who is Who is Nicolaes Nimbus? As the book blurb mentions, the book is a quest to find the mysterious Nicolaes Nimbus. Having read the author’s previous masterpieces, I can truly say that there would have been no one better to craft this masterpiece than Koos Verkaik. What I didn’t expect was to be scared and thrilled at the same time. The magic is unbelievable in the book. The author was truly in his full element while writing the book

Nicolaes Nimbus Official Synopsis

Scientists and wealthy owners of high-tech companies have pumped millions of dollars into the search for immortality. But does the future look bright or is there disaster waiting behind the horizon of time? The world is getting more complicated by the day, but who’s actually in charge? A group of scientists in Germany have unmasked a cheating visionary. An intriguing phenomenon from the past turns up. Who is Nicolaes Nimbus? Is he an immortal man of flesh and blood from our ancient past? The hunt is on! The secret is priceless! Who is in control, the scientists or the mystic? The intriguing novel NICOLAES NIMBUS embraces modern developments… and warns against ancient magic that never dies, waiting for the right time to manifest itself. Read on and shiver…but keep the lights on.

Nicolaes Nimbus RWAT Take

The book Nicolaes Nimbus begins with snippets of each of the eras and characters and instances and then slowly takes you through a fantastic roller coaster ride. I felt that the book presented with these beads in the beginning and towards the end, it was threaded to form a beautiful piece together. It is the magic of threading and joining these pieces that worked the magic for me. Its like you see the puzzles fit and yet leaving you craving for more.

There is an ambiance to the book that slowly creeps around you and almost grabs you and creating one scary yet amazing journey. One of the masterstrokes of the author’s book lies in the details. Each of these details tend to jump out to make a bigger and unexpected twists and thrills to the book. He never deals with easy and simply slope which makes the reading even more adventurous and grasping

His language and narration skill has a character of its own. This can’t be explained as you have to read it to get the feel of it. It tricky yet simple. A fine picture of saying some of the most intense and in depth facts wit simplest of words .


The language, flow and pace of the book is amazing and its the core theme that makes all the difference in the book. It is a very unique theme to handle and the way he has crafted a very unique tale out of it is amazing. Make sure to read it in broad daylight to save yourself from scary dreams. Believe me towards the end you will thank me for this advise. Buckle up for a joyride.


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