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When Writing for a school paper, Angie Thomas perhaps would have never thought that her work would not only go on to move on thousands of readers but would eventually be a foundation for the movie.

The Hate U Give movie
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The Hate U Give Book

The book The Hate you give draws its title from the artist tupac Shakur’s “THUG LIFE” Concept. Tupac even had the word tattooed on his which was nothing an acronym “The hate you give little infants fucks everybody”. The book is based on the “Black Lives Matters” that originated from the racial profiling and unjustified arrest and killing of people from the African-American Community.

Published on February 28, the book went on to become the number one in the Young Adult list. Initially the book was published under Balzer + Bray but later harper Collins purchased the rights to the novel in an auction


The Hate U Give movie
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The Hate U Give Movie

20th Century Fox has acquired the rights for the movie with Temple Hill and State Street Pictures as other board of producers. On March 23, 2016, it was conformed that Amandla Stenberg would play the role of Starr Carter, the main protagonist and George Tillman Jr would play the role of her father in the movie. Regina Hall was the last to join the casting as Lisa Carter. It was also reported that Algee Smith would be playing the role of Kalil. Kian Lawley will be playing the role of Starr’s boyfriend.The movie is being directed by George Tillman Jr and the script is being written by Audrey Wells

Recently Angie Thomas had shared the pic of the official cast from the sets of the movie on her official twitter account.

Image Source: Twitter Handle of Angie Thomas

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