Movie Review : Nanna Prakara

Plot :

When a young woman dies as the result of an accident, a police investigation leads to evidence of her boyfriend’s involvement. After he is arrested and charged with the murder, two of her friends investigate further and make a shocking discovery.
Initial release:23 August 2019
Language: Kannada

Starring :

Mayuri Kyatari as vismaya
Kishore as Inspector Ashok
Priyamani as Dr Amrutha Niranjan

Nanna Prakara – RWAT Take

You have to appreciate the cunningness of the basic plot. The underlying story is so twisted and intriguing that it really blows your mind. That is also what led to the downfall of the movie for me. The core story perhaps needed a different type of treatment to keep it impactful.

Performances by Priyamani and Kishore is no doubt justifying but then you could feel that the camera is rolling after an intended scene and the actors on the screen doesn’t have a clue about what to do in that time lapse. There are scenes where you could painfully watch this confusion happening. I still have no clue as to why Priyamani was placed in the story so carelessly and almost like an out of place piece.

In the beginning of the movie, it feels that the team struggled to decide which way the story has to move and because of that it is all over the place until they decide to pick a path and stay on itThe execution was were the movie couldn’t perform. The story required a different technique perhaps and this could have been a massive brain exploding thriller ride if the narration and execution style was a bit different.

Somewhere around a bit casual approach towards the narration kind of takes away the full glory. Having said that it isn’t to say the movie is bad. Just that a bit of more keen and smart narration and execution of the story could have simply made this a powerful one


It is definitely a one time watch but you have to hold on patiently when the narration takes a dive down only to wait for it all to wrap up quickly

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