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Mauri by Saiswaroopa Iyer

About the Book:

She wanted to kill the man who others called a God.
Love is but an obstacle in her path

With her father’s death shattering her world, Mauri is torn away from everything she had once loved. Anger replacing every emotion within her, she seeks only one thing. To kill her father’s killer. Even if the man is none less than Krishna Vaasudeva, the man who people worshipped as a God! Someone stands in the way, reining in her bitterness when she is the least prepared for it. The Rakshasa Prince Ghatotkacha! But by the time love sprouts within her, Mauri has gone too far in her thirst for vengeance. 

Can Mauri save herself and Ghatotkacha before the consequences of her own actions can destroy both their worlds?

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Read an Excerpt:
aim! But that sorry-looking insult to all weapons is not going to take you very
jumped out of her skin. The man who had found her out was a complete stranger.
A closer look at him told her he was a Rakshasa. Her first instinct was to make
a run towards the exit. It would be only a matter of time before this Rakshasa
would go and tell Ghatotkacha. Then it struck her that she had never seen this
man in Ghatotkacha’s team! Who was he?
secret is safe with me, little one!” He beamed. The broken canine on his upper
jaw could not be missed. He took her arm but she shook him off. “Alright!
Remember girl, I am your well-wisher.”
don’t even know who you are!” Mauri backed away.
who can protect you from…,” he smirked and pointed to the gap between the two
ornate pillars close to where she was hiding, “them”
peered through the gap. She could count up to six guards furiously searching
for the culprit who had dared strike Krishna Vaasudeva. The foolhardy nature of
her attempt struck her now. How had she even dreamt of escaping the heavily
guarded palace after doing what she’d done?
with me.” He held her arm. “If you want to escape without being seen, that is.”
His voice assumed a lower note. “And if you want to get another chance at your
and still guided by her frustration, Mauri followed him towards a secluded
section of the vast palace garden. When she left the place a good couple of
hours later, her mind reeled at the task before her. It was too much, what the
Rakshasa had asked of her. But she could not have afforded to be caught by the
palace guards. Possibly she could have lied about her aim going wrong when she
was trying to get some fruit. The news would still have travelled to Dhatri,
though, and who knew how she would react? On the other hand, the prospects that
this Rakshasa promised, though at great risk, seemed more welcome. Mauri
continued to walk in a daze, aimless and unmindful of the maze of paths. A
shrill cry calling out to her brought her back to this world.
Where on earth did you disappear?!” Nandini ran up to her, and not very far
behind was Dhatri!
the first time, Mauri found herself tongue-tied, at a loss for explanations.
“I…I came with Ghatotkacha. I lost my way.”
“Any guard
would have guided you out of this place.” Dhatri’s voice had traces of
annoyance. “And why did you not even inform us before leaving?” She sighed as
Mauri slipped back into silence again. “I found us a caravan headed eastward.
Let us quickly take leave of our hosts and start this afternoon.”
followed her without a word. She needed to be in Dhatri’s good books.
“Mahadevi…after going back to Kamarupa, can I live with you?”
saw Dhatri halt in her steps and look visibly delighted. She heard Nandini
squeal with joy. Neither had a clue of what was going on in her mind.
they left Indraprastha later in the day, Mauri looked back at the glorious
looking arch receding into the distance. She had not taken leave of
Ghatotkacha. It would have been nice to see him just one more time!
About the Author:
Formerly an analyst with a Venture capital firm, Saiswaroopa currently writes Puranic fiction, with a focus on lesser known heroines of Ancient India. Mauri is her third work of fiction after Abhaya and Avishi. Her interests include Carnatic Music, Philosophy, History and Literature of India. She won a state level gold medal from TTD in rendering Annamacharya Kritis. She holds an MBA from Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur.
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