Book Review : Make Me by Lee Child (Jack Reacher #20)

Ok. so basically i read this 400 page long book and i couldn’t find exactly why the book was named MAKE ME. Plus anybody who is a Reacher fan knows that you would get buried six feet under than make reacher do anything. So was that the meaning of the title? I don’t think so. Anyways So apart from my obvious confusion with the title, i think i finally saw the glimpse of the old reacher. Either he is back to his old ways or i finally started to see that after coming back to the series after a long time.

Make Me Official Synopsis

“Why is this town called Mother’s Rest?” That’s all Reacher wants to know. But no one will tell him. It’s a tiny place hidden in a thousand square miles of wheat fields, with a railroad stop, and sullen and watchful people, and a worried woman named Michelle Chang, who mistakes him for someone else: her missing partner in a private investigation she thinks must have started small and then turned lethal.

Reacher has no particular place to go, and all the time in the world to get there, and there’s something about Chang . . . so he teams up with her and starts to ask around. He thinks: How bad can this thing be? But before long he’s plunged into a desperate race through LA, Chicago, Phoenix, and San Francisco, and through the hidden parts of the internet, up against thugs and assassins every step of the way—right back to where he started, in Mother’s Rest, where he must confront the worst nightmare he could imagine.

Walking away would have been easier. But as always, Reacher’s rule is: If you want me to stop, you’re going to have to make me.

Make Me RWAT Take

I am a Jack reacher fan out and out. In fact i am so bad a fan that i would probably be one of the crowd who would gather to take out Tom cruise with a pitchfork for playing a miniature form of Jack reacher . i love you Tom. In fact your face used to hang above my bed when i was a tiny little girl. In fact one of those blood letters you received back in the day would have been mine. But nothing of that could save you from the fact that you were total opposite of our alpha hero, Jack reacher. Reacher is known for his looks that could easily scare people. His face, the whole body type screams trouble and havoc. And you playing that is as painful as watching Rock swaying in a tutu. Phew !! so now that i have written enough of hate mail in my review. Lets get back to the book

Make me is the 20th Book and i can proudly say i have read all of the book in the series excluding the novellas. In between i had noticed how the Reacher factor was missing. The Badass Reacher. This book has finally brought back that. Ok not fully in full mode like in killing floor or persuader or books from the initial line. But its good and better than the last ones. I loved it as this book was not all about mystery solving. I, for one, when picking up a Jack Reacher series is actually looking for his “nobody can touch me” and “smart brains” atitude along with obvious plot angles. So this book had delivered that in fine quality. There was an actual mystery to be solved and then reacher was his usual alpha best.

After a long time i was happy finishing the book and watching Reacher in a more knowing format. I loved the book. It was good to see the old reacher back. The book has a plot that makes all the difference. It is just not Jack reacher powered and placed in a new packaging. It has a plot that moves effectively and move in an orderly and smooth fashion


The book is a good addition for all the Jack reacher fans. It has got everything from a strong plot, twists and turns to keep in engaging and above all Jack reacher is back in his domain.  

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