Movie Review : Mahanati – A visual treat and power house of Talents


Ever had the feeling of goosebumps after watching a movie? Well i did. Amazon Prime India had recently added the much acclaimed movie Mahanati to their collection and i had the opportunity to watch it. I never expected to be so caught up in the movie that even after a day has passed watching the movie, i still can’t get out the characters and shots of movie replaying in my head. Let me be clear almost all of the scenes that is crowding in my mind right now stars the best of keerthy Suresh scenes from movie


Mahanati starring Keerthy Suresh


Mahanati is the story of India’s first Female superstar, Savitri. I had to do a bit of wikipedia to know exactly who she was but trust me nothing will educate you more than the movie itself about this one of a kind actress from Tollywood. To brief about the movie plot, Mahanati is a biopic of actress Savitri who reigned as queen in movies over four languages – Tamil, Kannada , Telugu and Malayalam. She was even awarded Nandi and Rashtrapati award for her work. The film portrays her growth as a young actress, a racing car enthusiast to director, producer and philanthropist all eventually crumbling down to her downfall, struggle and untimely death after battling with alcoholism and a year long coma. To give a more closer recognition to home, Savitri was the wife of Gemini Ganeshan, father of bollywood star rekha. Yes our very own Rekha. Though Savitri is not Rekha’s mother, just to be clear. Well this little trivia is not in the movie and rightfully so because in a way the movie is not about Gemini Ganeshan. Its more of a saga of Savitri.




Now that you have an idea of the movie plot, let me come to the movie itself. I am in awe of Keerthy suresh who plays the role of Savitri. This girl who is merely 25 years old has achieved that stars beyond experience and age can’t achieve. To know and experience this you have to watch the movie because the entire movie is pulled together with such strength in acting by the actress that she practically overshadows powerful actors who are part of the movie. I love Dulqar salman and his versatile roles and movies but i am sorry to say that i couldn’t see anything beyond Keerthy. Dulqar as Gemini Ganesh is a golden apple and so is every other highly acclaimed star powers prevalent in the movie but Keerthy stands way above all and i feel that this was a role that was tailor made for Keerthy. I am sorry but i am going to say that both Keerthy and Dulqar looks way more beautiful and charming than the actual people that they are portraying. I am so sorry but its what I feel.

Keerthy’s entry shot in the movie itself prepares you for the enigma that is Keerthy. In fact the whole scene tells you not only about the dedication of Savitri to her art but Keerthy in enacting so. I literally started getting goosebumps from Keerthy’s introduction scene and it kept on increasing all throughout the movie.




The movie has quite craftily included iconic scenes from Savitri’s movie career.One of the best part about the movie is that each shot is picture perfect. Each frame is so beautifully created that it is a visual treat. While watching the movie do lookout for two things apart from the movie itself. One the song “mooga Manasulu”. It just fantasy created to play with your eyes and heart. Superbly put together frame.

One of the things that will impress you is the attention to details that is used to recreate the era that the movie tries to portray. Be it the jewellery, clothes or the tiniest things like pens. Attention to details just makes it all the more appealing. 




What you will take from the movie is the power of acting that is Keerthy Suresh. This is one of the best performances that she will be forever etched in history for. She had a double edged sword hanging over her where she had to portray an iconic figure without hurting the sentiments of people and to narrate the story of a girl who had everything yet how fate played a cruel trick on her. 

Mahanati is a must watch experience and if you feel that the alien language is going to ruin your experience then trust me it wouldn’t because each scene in itself tells you a lot. The subtitles available at least in Amazon prime India was a huge help for me at least. Plus Keerthy Suresh’s eyes itself narrates the entire story without putting it in word.


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