Life Without Fear by Santosh Avvannavar, Rajashree Ghosh

Life Without Fear hardly takes half an hour to complete but the impact it leaves is much more than that half hour. It’s a quick story with the events plucked out to make sure it targets the right nerve endings.

Life Without Fear Official Synopsis

Life Without Fear is a story of facing your fear and saying ‘hello’ to life. Roni fights his own struggle (both physical and emotional) to reinstate his own identity to his mother. It’s a story of love and the importance of family in one’s life. As Shakespeare said, “ There is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so.”

Life Without Fear RWAT Take

The book could be considered a scene or a day in which everything happens at a roller coaster ride teaching you aspects that is sheer for the purpose of questioning our sensibilities as a society and how far are we willing to go to accept ourselves and those who stand apart from the acceptable norms of the society.

The book is definitely an intense and strong subject dealt swiftly and effectively. The author is known to tackle relevant and hard hitting subjects in his works. Continuing that nature of his work, this book too brings forward some relevant questions and makes you think about our society 

The language is absolutely adorning and perfect for the nature of the subject. The book flows fast and effectively by focusing on everything and sharply on what it has to convey 


It’s a book that won’t hurt your time but would in turn give a lot of fodder for your thought . Well thought and conceived subject .

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