Book Review: Let the Sky Fall (Sky Fall #1) by Shannon Messenger

Let the sky fall and in a way it did. on me. I had picked the book thinking that it would be a wicked read and also the beautiful cover too played its part in my decision to pick this book.

Let the Sky Fall Official Synopsis

Vane Weston should have died in the category-five tornado that killed his parents. Instead, he woke up in a pile of rubble with no memories of his past — except one: a beautiful, dark-haired girl standing in the winds. She swept through his dreams ever since, and he clings to the hope that she’s real.

Audra is real, but she isn’t human. She’s a sylph, an air elemental who can walk on the wind, translate its alluring songs, even twist it into a weapon. She’s also a guardian — Vane’s guardian — and has sworn an oath to protect him at all costs.

When a hasty mistake reveals their location to the enemy who murdered both their families, Audra has just days to help Vane unlock his memories. And as the storm winds gather, Audra and Vane start to realize that the greatest danger might not be the warriors coming to destroy them, but the forbidden romance growing between them.

Let the Sky Fall RWAT Take

The main trouble for the book was that it had brought a new concept for me but never felt like they should leave it enough details to get a better undeestanding of this new world and paranormal concept that they are introducing and because the initial introduction is not there the book only manages to drag because you don’t have a clear picture of the things going on. sure you understand what is happening in a scene but thats just it. you have no idea about the background.

all you can take from the book is the simple boy meets girl or vice versa and then that’s it . nothing about the background of the story makes sense


For me the book was a disappointment as there was a lot of miss and match and in between trying to behave differently from other young adult paranormal romances but ended up in a bigger chaos for that matter

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