TV Review : Lawless Lawyer

Bong Sang Pil grew up a gangster, but becomes a lawyer to avenge his mothers death.
First episode date: 12 May 2018
Hangul: 무법 변호사
Also known as: Lawless Attorney
Revised Romanization: Mubeop Byeonhosa
Genres: Trial drama, Thriller
Language : Korean
Starring :
Lee Joon‑gi as Bong Sang‑pil
Seo Ye‑ji as Ha Jae‑yi
Choi Min‑soo as Ahn Oh‑joo
Lee Hye‑young as Cha Moonsook

Lawless Lawyer RWAT Take

The story just blew my mind. Through the 16 episodes, the way the story arced was definitely that I couldn’t anticipate. I would say ending was a hasty one but then again it was something you could foresee.

The series purely takes away with the brilliance of the script. Each character was given us a meaty chunk to perform and work on that every character felt like had a valid reason to be on the screen.

well except the ones who were planted for the comedy purpose (the gang that followed our main character). That is the one thing that I couldn’t hoot for in the series.

Clearly the writer of the series was made to write thrillers and action and comedy was not the main forte of the writer. The comedy scenes, if you could count them as, was so forceful and plain to watch but other than that the series is absolutely entertaining and engaging

What kind of kept me hooked in the series was the character of Cha Moon Sook , the judge played by Lee Hye Young. That was a character that kept you interested and invested in the series. Romance in the series was thankfully kept to minimal and not to overpower the main plot.


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