Book Review : Land of the Lonely by Sayanta Goswami

Land of the Lonely starts right with the main event and then proceeds towards the core aspect of the book. Which is Dealing with the way human mind works and the impact it feels after life altering events.

Land of the Lonely official Synopsis

Balurghat . . .

December 2012 . . .

Shayari Chatterjee was living an uneventful life with her father and her pet cat until the day when she witnesses a murder. What makes it worse is the murderer is also aware of the fact. But as he realizes he cannot kill her, both their lives turn upside down. Shayari struggles to find the motives of an imposter posing as a policeman, while the murderer is haunted by a terrible past. Dwindling between their inner turmoil and the brutal reality, both the hunter and the hunted are now trapped. Where will it end? Why the murderer does not simply kill her? Will Shayari ever be free? To know the answers, you must delve into the Land of the Lonely that portrays how fear and guilt can engulf our lives and what happens when two different kinds of loneliness stumble against each other.

Land of the Lonely RWAT Take

I would basically divide this book into two parts. The first part according to me actually dealt with the main events of the book and the second half of the book basically deals with how central characters deals with it. I would say that the second half or lets say the major chunk of the book is basically a character analysis of the two core characters in the book. The murderer and the witness. 

I would not brand the book as a thriller because to me, the book is an in depth work around human psychology. It paints a quite dark yet vivid portrayal of these two characters exploring their surroundings, their past, and their actions.

What i loved in the book is the strong character portraits. Both the main characters have been given an extraordinary space to play around and it seems a proper care and nourishing has been given to bring out the characteristics of these central characters yo speak out loud. They are just not in the book to make the events happens. In fact reading the book, you will see that the events in the book happens because of the way these characters are. you will feel traveling alongside with these characters. Traveling and sharing their anxiety, pain and most importantly the aloofness and loneliness. Hence the land of the lonely.


The book is purely rich with characters. So more than action its more about the psychology and character study. The best part about the book is the narration technique which is smooth and transitions swiftly between each scenes. The simplicity and elegance of language further adds to the magic

It is definitely worth a try as it gives a pretty good insight into character rich narration and story telling.


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