Book Review : Into the Drowning Deep by Mira Grant (Rolling in the Deep #1)

Your view of mermaid is going to change forever after reading this book which is a noir and in my opinion a creepy stint with mermaids. The book does drag a lot but you can never disagree that the fact that it offers one of the most chilliest reads. Especially if you are listening to its audiobook version like i did.

Into the Drowning Deep - BookInto the Drowning Deep Official Synopsis

Seven years ago, the Atargatis set off on a voyage to the Mariana Trench to film a “mockumentary” bringing to life ancient sea creatures of legend. It was lost at sea with all hands. Some have called it a hoax; others have called it a maritime tragedy.

Now, a new crew has been assembled. But this time they’re not out to entertain. Some seek to validate their life’s work. Some seek the greatest hunt of all. Some seek the truth. But for the ambitious young scientist Victoria Stewart this is a voyage to uncover the fate of the sister she lost.

Whatever the truth may be, it will only be found below the waves. But the secrets of the deep come with a price.

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Into the Drowning Deep RWAT Take

Into the drowning deep had a slow start to it. Although things fired up its intensity after a point the basic graph of the book remained plain and steady. It follows kind of a monotonous straight line narration where things keep happening and but narration is too blanche to actually instigate any true bone chilling experience. Ironically everything that is happening in the book if adapted into movie would make you run and seek shelter under the bed.

One of the things that i found hard to deal with the book is the over exhaustive narration of the “feelings” and “emotions” of the characters. You know you have crossed the limits if you are even narrating the emotions and feelings of dolphins (yeah..don’t ask… its there in the book).

There is overload of information, pasts and emotional vulnerabilities to actually keep track of the main story. I am not a big fan of overload of information and maybe thats why i found it hard to cope with pages after pages of history and background of secondary characters that would hardly be there in the plot in the long run. Overload of extra information simply worn me out so much that when the actually events started happening in the book, i was too tired to pay any attention to it.

On the other hand there were some remarkable points and quotes in the book that did make up for all those overloaded information. Yes the book can be a bit too nerdy and geeky, fully sharpened on its scientific details to completely immerse into it, unless scientific journals are your thing


Highly octane plot line served cold. Thats how i would describe the book. The book core story and plot developments is no doubt thrilling and exciting but the blanche narration and too much background details, emotions and scientific theories makes it a bit exhaustive but if you pass through that milestone, the book has some chilling action

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