Book review : I am a home to butterflies by J. Alchem

I had read and loved the author’s first book Undelivered letters so naturally when i received this book by the author’s team i was excited and especially since it was a collection of poetry. I must say that the title itself was amazing and had a unique flavour to it so if for nothing i was impressed by the book title in itself . I am home to butterflies. What a beautiful thought and idea .

I am a home to butterflies Official Synopsis

A captain sinks with his ship
then why cannot a lover?

This collection of poetry is all about you and me, but I am afraid it will no longer be about ‘you and me’ once a reader picks it up. It will then be about them only.

It will be all about the one they loved like thunder, about the one they struggled hard to keep, about the one who had left them in the middle of their ‘forever’, about their world shattering into pieces, about them gluing together every piece, and about them falling in love one more time.

And if you still think it is about you and me, you haven’t loved someone like thunder, yet.

I am a home to butterflies RWAT Take

The book gave me mixed views as various aspects of the book while was impressive and exciting there were other aspects that didn’t click well with me. one of which being the poetries itself. so to explain more effectively let me just bifurcate the review into what i loved and didn’t.

First lets begin with the things that i couldn’t resonate with in the book. The book basically is a poetry book  or is it ? To me it was a collection of thoughts and ideas. But then that is my dilemma because where i couldn’t consider this is a poetry book, the words and the thoughts and ideas, basically the content was simply amazing. I treated the book as pretty much a collection of thoughts and ideas and was able to appreciate and enjoy it much more. Basically it contains thoughts and letters all combined to behave more like a diary of a broken heart which essentially doesn’t come with any kind of order or particular arrangement style.

As i said above , the ideas and thoughts can’t essentially define as a poetry because every paragraph seem to be a different idea and thought process in general and kind of stands apart from the preceding and succeeding paragraphs and that is why i took it as a compilation of quotes and verses and voila ! what a read

There were lines that were simply profound and wallpaper worthy. I loved a lot of the ideas that was being spread through the book. One of the most surprising things in the book was the chapter categories, it goes in a very fantastic order from life, to love, heartbreak and the epiphany that comes from the pain of losing on love and then eventually wisdom. You have to have the book in hand to understand what i am saying. 

There are couple of letters towards the end of the book which totally blew my mind because while going through them i thought it to be another heartache saga but the end note was simply clever and even an eye opener


So basically i have mixed feelings about the book because there are a lot of things that i simply loved and adored in the book and certain things that i couldn’t place my heart into. But in general i would say that the book is worth the try for some of the most beautiful words and ideas it shares but perhaps refrain from approaching it as a poetry marvel. Plus the book hardly takes an hour. it is quick, smooth and short.


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