Heart Quake by Ishita Deshmukh

First of all a huge thanks to the author and her team for providing me with a copy of the book to read. I did enjoy Heart Quake and compared to all other indian romances, this one had a refreshing backdrop and much more added elements to the story which slightly gave the book its uniqueness

Heart Quake

Heart Quake – Official Synopsis

Bhuj. Circa, 2001. A city wrecked by a massive earthquake. They met after ten long years. Their hearts wrecked by the promise of togetherness that could never be. As love tries to bloom again in the unlikeliest of places, intrigue sets in. Fleeting shadows… Hidden eyes… Mysterious deaths. What will happen when the tremors of love collide? Will he make it to the epicentre of love? Will her heart quake?

Only Heart Quake will tell…

Heart Quake – RWAT Take

Perhaps in a really long time, i have come across an Indian romance that had nothing to do with engineers or engineering college. So the book definitely scored with me at that point at first glance itself. The whole setting of the book was pretty different and unique and made for a good appeal for the story that took place eventually. One of the plus points of the book is that the settings and story plots never felt forced or added just to make things happen magically. There was a visible attempt at making things run smoothly and methodically. I loved the language quality and the smooth narration. It definitely made the book enjoyable and easy to read.

While i loved the book there were two things that didn’t strike that perfectly with me. The author tries to bring romance angle via certain snippets of flashbacks. These flashbacks appear almost instantly and abruptly into the narration. The only things that differentiates these flashback moments from the ongoing moments is the fact that they use italics so you have an idea that it is a separate scene but otherwise it would have hard to distinguish between both. The other thing that i slightly had complaint about was as how the romance was a bit left untouched and didn’t had much opportunity to develop fully. Although the same thing kind of acted as a good point for me as i loved how the book was not all about the romance.


I loved the book and it had a nice and smooth flow to both its narration and language and because of which i never felt a dull moment with the book and in fact it did prove me a good read in its lightest form 


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