Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls by Elena Favilli , Francesca Cavallo

There are lot of reasons as to why one should read Good night stories for rebel girls especially Young girls. This is one of the best books that I have ever had in my life and I am pretty much sure that this would remain an all-time favourite book of mine because to me Good night stories for rebel girls is nothing less to a collector’s item.

Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls

Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls Official Synopsis

‘The feminist bedtime story book you’ll wish you had growing up’ Stylist

What if the princess didn’t marry Prince Charming but instead went on to be an astronaut? What if the jealous step sisters were supportive and kind? And what if the queen was the one really in charge of the kingdom? Illustrated by sixty female artists from every corner of the globe, Good Night Stories for Rebel Girlsintroduces us to one hundred remarkable women and their extraordinary lives, from Ada Lovelace to Malala, Elizabeth I to Serena Williams. Empowering, moving and inspirational, these are true fairy tales for heroines who definitely don’t need rescuing.

Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls RWAT Take

Words won’t justify as to how much i was in awe of the book. The book had so many features that i loved about it. I loved how carefully the book and the theme had been planned and executed. Some of the reasons that i believe should influence your decision towards buying this book are listed below

1. The amazing range of inspiring female phenomenons that are featured in the book. Some of the best inspiring role models have been put together in the book and the way their successful journeys and life story is being narrated is simply amazing. It not only helps you understand these icons but also in few words captures the essence of each of their life and the mark that they have left . it is simple and poetic in narration
2. The amazing range of Illustrations. Being somebody who loves illustrations, the book was delightful and amazed. The illustrations are to die for
3. One half of the book lists iconic characters and the other half presents some of the best graphic artists of our time
4. The book has easily covered icons and artists from each corners of the world and its continents, making it an amazing treasure house of information from all corners of life


The book would prove to be your ultimate trophy in your book shelf because for me this book couldn’t get much better than this with not only so much information to digest but it is easy on eyes too. It is a quick read, one page biography of all the icons and in one page, you get the most out of each of theses icons.


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