Book Review : From All The Directions- An inspiration turned into poetics by Shristy Sinha

First of all a huge thanks to the author for sharing me a copy of the book and allowing me to enjoy her creative outpours in form of poetry. The book for me was a mixed experience as there were parts I liked and there were parts I didn’t. But the fact remains that poetry does fascinate me, so this too did its job in doing that.

From All The Directions – Official Synopsis

“From all the directions-an inspiration turned into poetics” is a collection of 20 different flavoured poem each. It contains one poem for every section, a kid, a teenager, youth, middle aged or elderly. A collection of poem for someone who is looking for adventure, or just for an inspiration, for someone who is heart broken or healed, someone who has been abandoned or who should reconcile, for a woman who is strong or if she’s a mom, for those who miss old days and for those who are going through hard ways. I’m sure this read is going to make you fall for poetry here after.
Poems are eloping today and this is just an attempt by the authoress to get the interest of a layman back into them by a simple yet interactive style of writing.

From All The Directions – RWAT Take

I have always felt that poetry requires a certain skill set. You need to have a special eye for the words to make the right impact and echo your feeling. This on the other hand is a two layer process and what decides the quality of a poetry. So now that I have stopped making sense and throwing words around let’s get to the actual work. 

Let’s begin with the things that bothered me about the poetry. I felt that even though the theme was prevalent there in each poem, it wasn’t executed fully. For me each poem was like a necklace that was made with beads that were individually beautiful but when put together wasn’t shining as it should have been.

Each line and the thought were amazing but when it was put together it did sort of lacked in holding on to the core theme or subject of the poem . So the main thought or theme kind of blurred . Each line though was trying to convey the same subject, appeared different from the main context

Now that I have nit picked the work, lets get to the good part. I can actually list down the lines in each poem that had bowled me over. Each poem had one or two lines that was simply too good and had stayed with me even after I finished reading. It was surprising that each poem in the book had a line that I wanted to actually get framed and hang on the walls to see daily as I wake up in the morning 

Either it would be the thought or simply the combination of words but something that stayed in my head. So that actually for me was the best part and easy enough to overlook everything else in the book


In conclusion I would say that the book truly gave me some of the best lines I have come across. I love the ability of the author to play with words in such a rhythmic fashion. The book is short and quickest read. It is thought provoking and best part is that it can be enjoyed without being too heavy on brain 


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