Book Review : Fate of Eight by Dhiraj Singh

Fate of Eight is amazingly intricate in its plot weaving. The one thing that fascinated me about the book was how the basic structure of the book was so interesting crafted to form the base of an amazingly thrilling plot. To me the book outshined because of the basic structure and plot wickedness. Rest everything picked up and formed around it making it even more interesting.

Fate Of Eight official Synopsis

A riveting thriller, Fate of Eight tells the story of eight people whose lives are entwined through the three key milestones of one’s life: birth, marriage and death.

Diya, Mira, Pratima and Radhika are four strong women, each embodying a trait designed by God herself. Their destinies are linked to the unique personalities of four other men-Venkat, Guru, Jagdambe and Rahim. Birth, marriage and death are the common destiny points for this chosen group of eight, the only condition God sets out for their souls. What happens in between is a saga of choice and fate. They all cross each other’s path in the course of their lives-as lovers, spouses, siblings, friends, sworn enemies. Some relationships last for life and some break off in between. And not all survive the trials of destiny.

Who amongst the eight will be linked together in the final destination of death? Who will have the true love that lasts forever? Where does God’s plan finally lead to?

An absolute page-turner, Fate of Eight is a gripping story of human relationships and fate, of success and failure, culminating into a murder and a thrilling search for the killer!

Fate of Eight RWAT Take

Let me be honest. First couple of chapters were a bit tricky. Since the initial chapters are were the setting for the whole book is being decided, these chapters acted as a fast slide show. These chapters come at you as a wave giving you a peak and fast timeline of each of these characters. Their past, present and the whole entourage. So one needs to fasten the seatbelts because these characters will eventually be rolling the entire story ahead.

So as I said since the initial chapters kind of quickly take you through the characters it can be tricky. So pay attention to the bread crumbs that the author throws at you through them and you are all set to go.

The magic happens when these characters and their life tracks becomes parallel and the plot reaches its meat. That is when the things get rolling to its glory. You will notice the way how author connects these intricate details and characters to form the story that is absolutely fascinating and worth your ride


As I have been saying again and again, the plot is what I loved in the book the most. The language and the narration skills brings the best in the story. It is definitely a thrill ride with its moments and tricks and turns. I would say it is a fun read that is absolutely easy on narration and time.

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