Book Reviews : City of Ghosts by Victoria Schwab

City of Ghosts could very well be my Nancy drew for old age . It brought back the feeling when I used to cuddle up in my bed with Nancy drew books over summer vacations. The book is very light, quick and kind of a breather book. 

City of Ghosts by Victoria Schwab official Synopsis

They’re here.

They’re watching.

Cass can pull back the Veil that separates the living from the dead.

When Cass’s parents start hosting a TV show about the world’s most haunted places, the family heads off to Edinburgh. Here, graveyards, castles and secret passageways teem with restless phantoms.

But when Cass meets a girl who shares her “gift”, she realizes how much she still has to learn about the Veil – and herself. And she’ll have to learn fast. The city of ghosts is more dangerous than she ever imagined.

City of Ghosts RWAT Take

Victoria Schwab books that i have read so far had been on a high end in terms of plot and the intensity it carried. So City of Ghosts was a pleasant surprise because it was a lighter read, acting perfectly as a breather book. Breather books are what for me that helps to calm down with not too heavy plots but simple books that can activate me for the next lot of heavy reading. Breather books helps me to not push myself into a reading slump that quickly.

City of Ghosts achieves an amazing goal of hitting it right with all kinds of audiences. Be it young readers or mature, everyone can dive into the book without much efforts and can enjoy it. This is the kind of book that you can read while lounging around on a weekend or perhaps a quick vacation read. Either way the book is quick, smooth, light and cute. Yes cute. Nothing too deep yet nothing too plain to not help you enjoy it


The book doesn’t weigh on you with its heavy plots or twists and turns. Its a quick in and quick out. I loved it for this sheer fact and would recommend it to anybody who has been on a continuous  reading stretch and wants to wind down with a quick and yet light read. I loved the book for keeping it smooth, light and fun at its best. 


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