Book Review : Of Beast and Beauty by Chanda Hahn (Daughters of Evil #1)

So my first read for 2021 was “of beast and beauty” and my oh my! Totally worth it. So the fact is that I am an addict for beauty and beast. That is the reason why I find myself reaching out for beauty and beast retelling over and over again. There is something very exciting, magical and thrilling about the story that catches me every time. To overstretch it maybe I can also put it in the way that probably belle of original Beauty and beast is the one FC from fairytales that still is not too weak in knees and much stronger given all the situation she is thrown into. So far that aspect of the story is very strong in all its retellings making it more alluring more for me.

Of Beauty and Beast Synopsis

Something evil this way comes. 
7 Vengeful Sisters
7 Fairytale Kingdoms
7 Daughters of Eville

Everyone dreams of marrying a prince—except for me. I am nothing more than a pawn in my adoptive mother’s diabolical plot against the seven kingdoms.I was the chosen tool, her sharpened blade that would cut the deepest into the heart of the Kingdom of Baist. But like all deadly weapons, my wedding is two-edged sword that could cost me my soul.

For I am Rosalie, one of the adopted daughters of Lady Eville, and it is my duty to enter into a loveless and hate-filled marriage with the narcissistic Crown Prince of Baist. My choices and heart are not my own to give. Yet even in the thick of dire situations, beastly vengeance can give way to beautiful attraction.

Of Beauty and Beast RWAT Take

So let us dive into the matter of the fact. Our book, Of Beast and Beauty. The book in its beginning was appearing more and more predictable. You know the whole enemies turned into lovers romance template. The whole charade of “I don’t want to see your face. You are the last person that I would ever want to be together even if the world crashes…. ” and then two pages down “Oh your beauty makes me weak in knees… you are my salvation… bedroom is that way” …yeah yeah we get it

Fortunately, after a couple of chapters that seemed to be heading with the usual antics, the whole book decides to catch a different flight. The moment it decides to travel a different path from usual damsel and knight, the book is one massive ride of a thrilling and adventurous ride.


I finished this book in one sitting because so much was happening in the book. The romance arc is your usual one but its everything apart from the romance that I was so addicted too. It goes from one high to another and amazingly smooth at that. The way the author decided to weave the story in the template of beauty and beast yet not sticking to it blindly is what makes this book so worth the fun.

I am not sure whether I would pick up the second book because this book is a complete story in itself and I am not sure whether the magic would be there in the second book too, which I believe is a Cinderella retelling. But this book….


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