Book Review : Kalam -Kuch Ulte Panne by J. Alchem

This would be my third book from the author’s work that I am reading and by now I can truly say that the author never stops to amaze me with his story telling skills.

Kalam Official Synopsis

मैं पहली बार छह: महीने पहले मिला था उस से. अखबार डालने आता था वो हर दिन. फिर एक इतवार के रोज वो अखबार के साथ साथ एक कहानी भी ले आया. मुझे सुनाने को. सुनते सुनते पता चला की वो कुछ पनने थे, जिनहें वो उलटा पढ रहा था. एक कहानी में पिरो कर. एक कहानी जिसमें वकत पीछे की ओर भाग रहा था.

Kalam RWAT Take

This is a medium that I am not used to because the book is in Hindi and I had to brace myself to get used to the change in medium of language.The book has a poetic quality in its narration which I thought was brilliant as it exhibited the same skill that I saw in author’s previous works. So you have to give kudos to the author for handling the quality of language with such ease

I loved the work and what the book had to offer. The book hardly takes any time to finish (although my review definitely did :p ) and moreover it absorbs you so quick that you would find yourself immersed in it in no time.These are enough reasons to go and grab the book today itself


The book has a good flow and good narration to keep you hooked and make you enjoy it at its best. The only trouble is that the book is in Hindi language. so pick this book for all those who love the poetry of Hindi language


Meanwhile you can also check out the author’s other works


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