Backstreet’s Back – The boyband sweethearts are back with a single

backstreet’s back

“Everybody, rock your body. Everybody, rock your body right . Backstreet’s back, alright, hey baby” Yes baby you heard it right backstreet’s back

Backstreet’s back with a Single after a hiatus

After nearly a decade … wait !!what ?? It’s only been five years ?? Yeah whatever but for us who practically grew up drooling over boys bands and backstreet boys it felt like a decade.

On Thursday night backstreet boys released their new single “ don’t go breaking my heart “ ( oh baby trust me we won’t)

They video is everything that is akin to our beloved boy band who had taken a leave from the stage after their last release “in a world like this” back in 2013. The new video released by them is a delight to watch . The boys still have got their moves solid 😝

While the full album details are yet to be released why don’t we enjoy the moves…. I mean the new single “don’t go breaking my heart”

Backstreet’s back alright !!


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