Book Review : And So Can You by DR ROOPLEEN

First of all a huge thanks to the author and the team for sharing me the copy of the book and giving me the opportunity to experience the wealth of life like lessons that this book offers.And So can You truly justifies its title as the book is a collection of some of the most inspirational life journeys of renowned doctors from across the country. Each of these stories leave the stark and strong message of how we can too achieve our dreams just like these inspirational figures did in their life.

And So Can You

And So Can You Official Synopsis

And So Can You!”” is a collection of 17 inspirational success stories of doctors who struggled with challenges, braved obstacles, and made it through because they believed they had a dream to fulfil and a mission to accomplish. The stories behind the lives of these successful doctors. The journeys they embarked on. The guiding factors that drove them along the long and arduous journey. What motivated them to work hard and how they made it despite facing numerous challenges. These are the stories of dedication and perseverance. A journey of self – belief and faith, of hard work and commitment. The book unravels the secrets – why these doctors are where they are today. How they succeeded in accomplishing their life goals.

And So Can You RWAT Take

The book excels in being able to resonate the life and struggles of these doctors in its simplicity and naturalist environment. I loved how the author didn’t try to portray them as larger than life but in simple and subtle way showed how the doctors mentioned in the book had to fight everyday odds to chase their dreams. It was amazing to read how many of these renowned doctors came from humble beginnings and shattering the contrary beliefs that doctors are reaped in the soil of wealth.

The stories are able to create an impact by simple and smooth flowing narration and with the added efficiency of language. The language is neither too tough to crack nor too simple to lose out on the essence and importance of what it wants to convey

I believe the book isn’t just for medical aspirants or doctors in the field but these stories can create an impact for anyone irrespective of their field to look on to their obstacles as a mere milestone towards chasing their dreams

One should pick this book to see the undercurrents of the profession and professionals that might be alluring and envious to all but demands a lot of personal sacrifices from one. The book is a quick and easy read with 17 stories of some of the renowned doctors of india. The best part is that the book has managed to collect individuals from various domains in the medical field and various corners of the country.


The language and the narration is simple and makes the reading an easy and good reading experience and I would suggest everybody to give it a try if you are looking for that extra dose of courage and push towards chasing your dream

5 stars


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