Book Review : And I Darken (The Conqueror’s Saga, #1) by Kiersten White

I know that the book is kind of a big deal and have created for it a prominent space in the reader space but somehow for me the book didn’t work. I mean i loved the characters, narration and the theme of the book but in general for me the book wasn’t my cup of tea. Also this was perhaps the first time when i had actually picked up a book that was through and through historical fiction. And i darken is amazing in its own way but perhaps wouldn’t resonate with people not akin to this genre like me.

And I Darken Official Synopsis

‘Lada has a sense for power –
A princess unlike any you’ve known before; ruthlessness is the key to her survival.the fine threads that connected everyone around her,Her brother Radu is everything she is not: beautiful, introspective and delicate.the way those threads could be pulled, tightened,At first, Lada takes Mehmed for an enemy. He is, after all, son of the sultan holding her captive.wrapped around someone until they cut off the blood supply.Their three lives balance on a knife edge, and the ties that bind them together will be stretched to breaking point.Or snapped entirely.’

And I Darken RWAT Take

And i darken is based on the historical events wherein children of vlad dracula II of Wallachia were kept as prisoners of ottoman empire. since its a historical fiction the author has very impressively pictured the original son of Vlad dracula II, Vlad III (yup the original dracula monarch on which the famous dracula was based upon.. well sort of ) as a girl and how things would have been different. It is basically a form of gender bender fiction about vlad III. So you can imagine the premised caters for something interesting

The reason why i didn’t like the book is basically because the voluminous book talks day after day chronicles of how the central characters of the book, the siblings, Ladislav and Radu, deals with their house arrest and captors. So you can imagine that even though the book manages to hold you with a smooth narration, in terms of actual events and actions, there isn’t much actually happening in the book. This is bad news for a reader like me who like to see twists and turns. But still there were portions which were impressive. But i also understand that you can’t change history so that is why i established that the reason why I couldn’t love the book is because of my impatience or lack of understanding of the genre.


The book can be quite lengthy and takes on a lot of your time and patience. Most importantly you must have a strong liking to the theme and history in its plain and blanch form. For me the book was long, exhausting without any major plot developments that could keep me hooked to the book.

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