Movie Review : 88 Minutes

Jack Gramm, a forensic psychologist, helps in the condemnation of a serial killer, Jon. On the day of Jon’s final execution, Jack receives a threat call informing him that he has 88 minutes to live.
Initial release: 18 April 2008 (USA)
Box office: 3.26 crores USD
Genre: Thriller
Al Pacino as Jack Gramm
Alicia Witt as Kim Cummings
Leelee Sobieski as Lauren Douglas
Neal McDonough as Jon Forster

88 Minutes RWAT TAKE

Is it me or did Al Pacino really look tired in the movie? It seemed it was a struggle for him to be physically in the movie. I wouldn’t say that the movie is bad because I actually loved the way the plot kept moving from one ankle to another.

While watching 88 minutes, all I could think was why Al Pacino looked so tired or somewhat disinterested ? Even his makeup and hair, in many scenes are plain bad job. The other thing that may trouble is that the writers tried to put the blame on all the characters that were in the movie including Al Pacino himself at. certain points.

A good murder mystery keeps you guessing as to who the real culprit but you necessarily don’t have to forcefully put suspicion on every character to achieve this purpose. Add to it loud background music and that too wrong ones and it can irate you.


Let me be honest, the above points are not that bad enough to make you decide you don’t need to watch the movie at all. The movie has its ups and down but in general it is a good thriller and fast paced. Of course its a 2007 movie and if you are watching it in 2020 like me, you won’t get the technological advancements you see in the contemporary movies but thriller addicts will get a dose of entertainment.

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