Book Review : 7 Prices for 7 Vices by Dhiraj Singh

First of all a huge thanks to the author and the team for sharing me a copy of the book and allow me to experience the writing and story. I was amazed as to how much was encompassed in this short book (though took an awful lot of time to get back with a review). The theme of the book is what thrilled me. Picking up the seven sins of the world and giving it such a modern attempt by weaving a very intricate and twisted stories

7 Prices for 7 Vices Official Synopsis

7 Prices for 7 Vices is a unique collection of seven short revenge stories created around the seven cardinal sins. Each story involves a character who has committed one of the seven sins and has inflicted suffering on an unsuspecting victim. Will the victims extract their revenge? The elements of karma and mercy are not at play this time! It’s purely about the genius of the human mind – creative and evil – to serve cold justice to those who deserve it! And how! Nothing can stop the hand of justice – no geographical boundaries, no generational gaps, no personal attachments, no physical timelines, and no moral roadblocks for sure! The stories are not suited for the weak of heart nor for those who seek rationality in revenge. A soul hurt by the sin of another only seeks revenge before logic of the mind or conscience of the heart!

7 Prices for 7 Vices RWAT Take

7 Price for 7 vices comes with seven assorted stories that pick on each of the seven vices and creates such intricate yet short and quick read. I felt that each of the stories if given more space, would have been a stellar full-fledged novel because each of them had so much plot twists and dynamics in them.

I liked that for how an anthology the stories exhibited a strong progression of the plot rather than jumping into major incidents and trying to wrap the stories as fast as possible. each story had a proper beginning, plot growth and eventual smooth transition towards its climax. All of the stories exhibited a smooth curve in the plot development. The other fact that was impressive of these stories was its wickedness. How each plot came out with a cunning vengeance and retribution. It was simply crafty, wicked and brilliant and what added the major part of the flavor to the book. Each story came with an unsuspecting twist and climax making it an amazing experience with the book


The best part of the book is that it is quick in and quick out. You don’t need elaborate settings to enjoy the stories. There are a set of seven stories that have enough story punches and twists that a full-fledged novel could offer. The book is quick, engaging. full of thrills, proving to be a solidly entertaining read.


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