5 Steps to every YA Romance

I have run out of fingers to count as to how many young adult novels I have read and had the same format. Out of my experience from reading contemporary romance and Young Adult romances, I can actually draft a template on which most of these books draft their romance. Time and again I have  said the same thing in my reviews. At least 5 out of 10 book reviews that I have, I remember specifying clearly that the book follows the usual cliché plot line and template. So finally I am going to draft 5 steps to every YA Romance Novel Ever.

Almost all of the YA romances opens to a horrible incident or in the wake of something horrible that has happened in the past? The only difference most books has is that either the book opens directly to something horrible happening to the central character or indirect narration about something bad has happened. In the latter case then this will act as the suspense element that will drag along till the end. Now in either of the case this brings to the first step o

New girl /guy in the town

Almost all of the Romance kick starts with the new entrant into the town (well mostly its school since we are talking Young Adult here). So this is how the authors would pave for that epic “love at first sight” plot line. Trust me it is high time that one should actually stop creating so much pressure around getting it right at the first time. Speaking of first impressions, this is where the plot path actually gets defined. The only place where authors try inserting their creativity is in how the couple meets the first time. Believe me almost all of them converge into a “Damsel in Distress” situations directly or indirectly.


Partners in Crime

To develop a romance you need to spend time together..right? so whats best way than a school project together. Preferably one where they have to spend night together to “prepare reports” or even “travel to places” for research. In case of a little mature ones, author usually makes the central characters to work together / make the new entrant a regular customer  so that they can have plenty of times to be together. (*cough*  Stalker Alert  *cough*) Oh by the way the warning would already be out there for the boy. Because no book would leave you without forcing you to accept that the male is a manwhore or in extreme cases hates girls… in short “forbidden” or the classic case of “taming the bad boy”

Deny Love

I am yet to come across a book that has not used the “I am not falling for love..i have better things to do or I don’t believe in love” its almost like irony slap on your face. Every YA romance opens with something in the past making the central characters vowing themselves to stay away from boys or girls. But nature is a devil ..right? or perhaps it’s the author but eventually that one person makes them go back on their abstinence form dating scene… I mean really???? You know you were just waiting for a more hotter person to walk down that school hallway

The Romance

Now this is where you can decide how much the book has the porn tendency. This is the point where innocent book leaves it at stolen kisses, holding hands or cuddling with each other. On the Other hand more bolder books has more action some even surpassing a good erotica in its intimate scenes. Some of the books has literally made me want to shower. …. Shower with fire.!!!

The Crisis

So life can’t be all rosy ..right? so here is the point where things get worst. At this point each books deals the basic idea differently. In some it could be the return of the dark past or a lurking danger finally getting the time to act its part. In other set of books it could be parents forbidding the couple to see each other. Be it any reason this works in two stages

Mourning : where obviously whatever was the deciding factor breaks the couple apart and then they yearn, whine and bore the readers about how much they are hurting. This is also where you will see how difficult it is to handle the ex. Usually these period come with the “I did it to protect you” sticker

Reuniting : This always comes after a major crisis. In short another damsel in distress and voila the experience unite the couple together and leaving a happy ending for the book and in other case leaving crumbs for the sequel


I will admit that no matter how much i crib about these cliche romances, at the end of a long and hard day, these book provide me with the ultimate relaxation reads. At most times these romances also act as a buffer between some really heavy book. Let us know what are the books that you have recently read that follow this template to a core


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